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Most of my writing has been dedicated to my career as an educator. Producing manuscripts based on research, conducting and reporting research results, and writing reflections on academic articles related to writing have proven to be learning projects for me. When the experts say that students write to learn, they are right. My own experiences have helped me to fully understand that concept. When I write for someone else’s understanding, I realize just what I don’t know. The struggle to put into words concepts that I do not fully comprehend pushes me to dig deeper, to read more, and to consult with experts who can help me. This is the work of learning through writing. 

More recently, my interest in the reading-writing connection has led me to ask more questions about developing strong writing skills. I have witnessed many strong readers who are not good writers. I have also witnessed the development of good writers who are not good readers. This connection continues to puzzle me. Perhaps my next research project should focus on what the connection between these two literacy skills really is, but I am still struggling with one big question:

How can feedback help students become self-regulated writers?


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